Post Cruise

Yes, I have been away on a “sea cruise” to Alaska. That’s a place I would live. The mountains are at least twice the height of the ones I see every day and the wildlife is marvelous. I saw glaciers, whales, sea lions, the thinnest and tallest waterfalls I have ever seen, some honest lumberjacks and nights that never go dark. It being a Disney Cruise made it all the better, too. I don’t think I’ll ever be too old for anything Disney. The food is wonderful and never paid for on the spot. I filled up two SD cards full of pictures and videos. When I have more time, I’ll be all for puting them up to be seen. I learned a great deal and I loved being on the ocean. In fact, the world hasn’t stopped rolling. It’s not so bad when I sleep -it’s actually rather fun- but walking about, I probably look like I have been drinking.


More Floods

My brother came home from the hospital today. He’s doing so much better and it’s nice to have him home. I did laundry and cleaned all day yesterday so that the house could be nice for my mom and brother.

The ditches are flooding again. There was lightning striking not two miles from the house and it was thundering earlier so loud that the house was shaking. It’s still raining, though not as hard as it was but this isn’t the end of it. Anyways, I got some neat photos. I don’t think that I have seen flooding like this before. I’ll definitely be doing some before and after photos. 

This was up to my shins. 

This little guy (or girl) was lying so still I nearly missed him!

Another Day of Rain (and other profound things)

Today was heavy, all around heavy, but in a light way. I woke after 10 am. My dad had come home and he let me know about how my mom had taken my brother to the hospital some time after 1 am; he has been fevered and all yesterday he had a wicked head ache that was so painful it made him ill. He did not sleep at all last night and my mom finally decided to take him in. She had taken him to see a doctor early yesterday and they had taken some blood but they were not sure what was wrong. Now we now that he has spinal meningitis (and/or encephalitis.) He’s an awful sight, but we are glad to know what’s wrong and be getting him treated. Anyway, I went with my dad to town so that I could take Hannah to lunch. My mom said that she had wanted to be taken to lunch all year; I was glad to have gone. I almost convinced her (or maybe not) to let me take her another day but things worked out brilliantly. I dropped my dad off at the hospital and left to pick up Hannah. I took her to Wendy’s and we still had about half an hour so we went to visit Isaac because Hannah insisted.

It was a lot of here-and-there, going from Hannah’s school to the hospital, to the Johnson’s and back to the hospital. (I had all of what I wanted to say written earlier but I lost it and now am considering what to write.) I suppose that what I want anyone to know is that it is simple things that bring me back to seeing what it is I am working toward and what I desire. I see how to obtain those things and regain my sense of purpose. Today, I found meaning in a movie, some rain and the working of miscellaneous events. I found joy in the unbound expression of two little girls who loved me enough to play with my hair and thank me and hug me goodbye and I found fulfillment in the sight of flooded banks.

(You must know that it is wrong to search for what you desire; stop looking -without losing sight of what is wanted- and it will find you.)

The other day

A few days ago, I was up in my brother’s room reading and decided that I needed to get up and have a drink of water. My parents were watching television and my siblings in town at mutual so I was left to entertain myself and though reading is a swell adventure, real life is a thing you can own; looking out the window as I filled my glass, I was taken by the sight of a marvelously vibrant sunset. So I grabbed my camera, slipped on my sandals and threw on a jacket as I hurried myself out the door. I ran out behind the sheds and up the hill, scaring cows along the way. The sky was bigger than I had seen it in a long time. I really do wish that my camera were of a better quality; though no camera can ever perfectly capture the grandeur of a natural scene, it’s always nice when they can come a hair-width to it! I am so glad that I left the house for the evening to see such fantastic colors, though I wish that I didn’t always have to see these things alone. (I miss you dearly, Zanne.)


 the odd one

 first take


This Is My Beginning

So, my goal is to try my best to make this worth reading. It is my very first experience with blogging and it is surely going take me a while to learn to navigate my way, but in time (soon) I hope to work my way to becoming very interesting to follow. The most I hope to do is encourage and inspire my friends. So many of you have enlightened me in ways that are not so noticeable to you, but I would hope for you to retain in your knowledge that any of those who I have met I have never forgotten and it is a trouble to me not being able to give each of you just what you are in need of receiving. Keep close and all will be well; it is an old knowledge that the difficulty we experience in our lives is most often not at all as bad as we treat it.